Friday, May 10, 2013

What I am Really Thinking Most of the Time

I have been challenged by a person dear to me to save my readers from yet another deep post with a touch of humor.  I apparently have been catering to what I think my 3 readers, because let's be honest the other 11 stopped coming by years ago, would like to hear from me.  Not that my thoughts aren't real or genuine, but honestly if I was that deep all the time I would probably have commited suicide years ago.  More like attempted suicide, everyone knows that women only attempt in the hopes of  getting a little attention from those in their life that are clearly neglecting them.

I'm going to let everyone lucky enough to stumble onto this page into the true streaming of my brain.  I'm not really worried about offending anyone, since basically this blog is a black whole used mostly by Europeans looking for ways to improve their abilitly to read English.

At this very moment, I am thinking that most people are idiots.  Really, I feel this way most of the time. I also do not consider myself one of these idiots. I am actually quite brilliant.  Yes, I am brilliant and full of wisdom and logic and all other things that make one superior.  Unless you count my spelling and grammar skills, but I mean even Superman had kryptonite. So, why then am I afraid to put my brilliance out into the world and help a universe that is being run by people whose IQ probably is smaller than my shoe size, which happens to be a 7-71/2 depending on the style and brand?

Seriously, what the hell is keeping me in my little bubble?  Hmm? . . . You know it really is a great bubble. One with soothing colors and just the right amount of serendipity combined with dramatic touches that only a true visionary could have created. The stress level here is fairly low, especially after my 3:30 cocktail has kicked in.  If I were being honest which I always am, just another perk of being here in my perfectly decorated cocoon, is that I like being alone with my brilliance.  I don't want to have to fight to convince all the idiots that my superior thought process is the best way for perfect success.  I mean let's face it, idiots don't know they are idiots and they wouldn't listen to me anyway.  Then I would be forced to start a coup d'etat and well, that would just be exhausting and a waste of my much higher intellect.

  I don't have a clever well placed conclusion for any of this.  After all this is only a blip into the streaming of my brain, which is now onto a completely different course that involves a possible sensitivity to caffeine.