Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Hours

I have decided to keep "Summer Hours" this July and August.  It seemed like a really great idea after such a long school year.  I fantasized about lying around my house in some type of tropical robe like thing, while sipping Mai Tais.  Okay, I have no idea what a Mai Tai is, but you get my point.  Lots of rest and wasted time.  However, a week and a half into my new schedule, I have discovered that not only do I lack said tropical robe in my closet, but I don't handle wasted time well.  I have no problem wasting food, water and, according to my husband, electricity.  It only made sense that time would have no problem fitting on to this list.  Unfortunately, this is not so.  Why does it bother me so much to do nothing?  Well, in order to keep my carefully carved out time from wasting, I have been giving it some thought.

Time is something that can never be got back.  Food involves a trip to the store, water a turn of a knob.  And electricity, well for the next 50 years or so, is in abundant supply.  But, time is elusive; it is something that is quietly fading away with each second on the clock.  I recently read this anonymous quote,  "Inside every older person is a younger one wondering what the hell happened".  I'm pretty sure wasted time played a role in this.

My face is beginning to show the soft lines of a worn road map and gravity is no longer my friend.  I wouldn't say my affairs should be got in order just yet, but I would be wise to maybe use the free map for some structured guidance for the time I do have left.  Okay, I admit if all goes well I still have half a lifetime to live, but considering how fast the first bit went, it might be in my best interest to plan a little more wisely this time.  A plan that has realistic goals that don't involve Italian nobleman sweeping me off to their villa after falling in love with the sight of me in a Roman cafe.  I have no idea what these goals should look like, but maybe I could use my new summer hours to figure them out.  I'll keep you posted.