Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Tenth Thought

I was going to write a lovely piece on letting go, spreading wings and other such nonsense.  So, I prepared a hot cup of tea turned on my fake sun light and opened up my laptop.  And, that is pretty much where my brilliance ended.  My mind has been in rare form these last few months, cruising along at speeds that are not only distracting  but quite dangerous.  No sooner do I have a thought then 10 more go racing by.  The first 9, which most likely are perfectly rational rabbit trails from my original thought, are indiscernible.  The 10th is usually the one that gets processed.  Allow me to illustrate. 

Original Thought:  "I need a blog topic.  Hmm, how about something on letting go and how that helps us become better people?"
1. "Well, it can't just be on letting go, it needs to also address the dangers of holding on."
2. "Wow, that sounds like a lot of work."
3. "Work...I really need to work on that desk that needs painting"
4. "Mustn't forget to sand it first."
5. "Well, that will be messy."
6. "Green, how do I feel about the color green?"
7. "What color are frogs anyway?  Is pond a color?"
8. "Pond water looks a lot like my tea."
9. "I like tea cups, not the flowery ones mind you."

Now comes my 10th thought, the one that is actually put to use.  "I need to sit down and have a cup of tea."
Hence, no blog or at least not a brilliant one.